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CPD Calculation

Category of activity Website Calculated Default calculations for activity point
Work-based learning 1. Submission of an article related to TrainingDirect and its services. -10 Points (valid for 12 months).
2. Submission of work base learning (registered and attended courses) related to Education and Training. -1 Point for every date submitted (valid for 12 months.
Professional activity 3. Forum responses.


-1 Point for every forum response (maximum of 50 points).
4. Active Freelancer Profile on TrainingDirect. -20 Points allocated for activating your public post.
5. Appointment of active Committee members serving with TrainingDirect. -50 Points for active committee members.
6. Public speaking (special events).

7. Full day teaching, training or mentoring as a profession (accredited and short courses).

-1 Point for every date submitted (valid for 12 months.
Formal / educational 8. NQF achievement credits -x 1 (Maximum of 120 credits)
Self-directed learning 9. Self study, development of programmes or learning content and research to the value of a full day’s work. 1 Point for every date submitted (valid for 12 months.

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